Reach For A Dream Foundation

Recently the team at Audiomotion donated R70,000.00 worth of equipment to the Reach For Dream Foundation in support of children living with life-threatening illnesses. 

Below is the letter received in acknowledgement from Kerry Donkin, acting branch manager for KZN. 

Dear Mr. Stephen Easton

The Reach For A Dream Foundation fulfils the dreams of children who suffer with life threatening illnesses between the ages of 3 and 18 years. We aim to inspire hope by encouraging children to believe in the power of dreams.

This letter is to confirm that we received the following donation of Speakers to the value of R70’000.00 (200 Units) we would like to thank Audiomotion Electronics for their generous donation which will be used to help fulfil the dreams of children.

Thank you for helping our children to never give up hope and to always believe in the power of dreams. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Audiomotion Electronics for their support of the Reach For A Dream  Foundation and our beautiful dreamers. We are incredibly 

grateful for this partnership and you have played a vital role in helping us to fulfil the dreams of those children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses.

Kind regards,
Kerry Donkin

Branch Manager KZN

Tel 031 5662220